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Free 7-Day Trial for Aphasia and Brain Injury

Speech recognition software for optimal therapeutic results

#1 aphasia program

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Voice responsive

Online Communication Lessons

Our programs are technologically advanced over other on-line solutions. Many Parrot Software Lessons utilize speech recognition for two way interaction.

This is important because most people with aphasia have word recall problems. There is a break down when they attempt verbal communication. Our programs with speech recognition focus on work on verbal skills.

7 Day Free Trial

Parrot Software

Benefits of Voice Recognition Aphasia Treatment

Word Finding

If you have word finding problems you need treatment programs that actually require you to speak and recognize what you said. We are the ONLY company to provide that kind of software. Typing responses sometimes helps but you need to actually practice speaking to regain speech.

Developed by Professionals

Our aphasia and brain injury programs are designed and developed by rehabilitation treatment providers who are available for one-on-one consultation with you or your caregiver.

Largest Selection of Programs

We have the largest selection of rehabilitation programs available for aphasia and brain injury. There are many companies who dabble in treatment software having one or two different programs; but none with the integrated treatment approach that we have.

Easy to Personalize

The Parrot Software aphasia treatment program includes tools to help choose which programs are best for you and direct you through a personally customized therapy program.

Very Popular

Our software is used in the rehabilitation departments by almost every major hospital in the United States and Canada

Most Experience of Any Company

We have been providing aphasia treatment programs and brain injury treatment programs since 1981.

Technical Support

Our dedicated technical support team can answer questions by phone at 800-727-7681 and we can help you through remote assistance.


Our internet subscription option is an economical aphasia and brain injury treatment option starting at $24.95 per month and giving you the comfort of therapy in your own home.

Our Professional support for therapists starts at $39.95 per month.

Pricing Table

Cost effective solutions

$24.95 / Month

Discount: $200 / Year


Aphasia Treatment

In home therapy

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$39.95 / Month

Discount: $300 / Year

Cost Effective

Track Progress


Guided programs


Parrot Software first began in 1981 with one Speech Rehabilitation program. Since that time we have developed over one hundred different programs for communication, memory, cognitive reasoning, attention, and speech rehabilitation.

Our company’s founder Dr. Frederick F. Weiner, Ph. D., CCC-SP, has taught speech pathology at the Pennsylvania State University, University of Maryland, and Ohio University. As a respected leader in the field of Communication, Memory, Attention, Speech, and Cognitive rehabilitation, Dr. Weiner recognized the need for a cost effective, one-on-one rehabilitation tool that allows users to work at their own pace with age-appropriate exercises. This led to the development of Parrot Software and its ever expanding product line of interactive programs designed to help those recovering from stroke or brain injury related speech and memory loss.

Our programs are used by Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers throughout the world including numerous Veterans Hospitals, Kaiser Permanente, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Encompass, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Michigan.


Average improvement






Use in Hospitals


Adam Smith

Your tools provided the recollections I needed to return home and continue steps to get back to the world I’d known before my brain damage. After three years at Willow Brook in Michigan, I had completed all the available recovery-training. My last work there with Parrot software was very helpful, and enabled some of the critical recovery steps.

Nick Harris

Thank you for Parrot Software. I had a “mild” stroke in September (no muscle involvement), but have struggled with voice instructions. Parrot really has saved the day for me. As frustrating as it is to get it wrong all the time, I’ve found myself making progress. I also find my speech is improved with this. I can use it when I want, over and over again, and don’t have to think about someone getting bored or irritated with me! It’s a perfect “app” for the internet. You can go through the menu to see where you’re weak:then pick the weak ones and go. It’s great. Thanks again.

Bob Jones

I want to let you know that I believe that “The Parrot” has helped my brain function during the past months. My wife agrees on this. I had a stroke 2 years and 9 months ago. Last spring, we realized that my executive function aspect was significantly decreased and that I needed to heal more in that area.- We were on Maui at the time that a tidal wave was approaching and I was not able to function quickly. So, as soon as we returned home; I started my subscription to “Parrot Software- we saw improvements within a couple of months. Thank you for your contribution to my healing.

John George

We were introduced to Parrot Software by our son’s Speech Language Pathologist while he was at Shepherd Center undergoing rehabilitation after sustaining a moderate to severe TBI. His major speech problem was anomic aphasia. We found Parrot Software to be quite helpful. In November of 2008 we returned home and continued rehabilitation at the local hospital. We introduced Parrot Software to his new SLP. The new SLP was impressed and immediately incorporated the software into her therapy plans. For the most part our son has recovered all of his speech abilities. We tried to take advantage of neuroplasticity early in his recovery by helping and encouraging our son to spend three to four hours a day performing the exercises in Parrot Software and Lumosity. He also spends an hour a day exercising physically. Our son’s recovery has been exciting and gratifying. But, there is one area we have not been able to achieve substantial progress.

Also Available in Spanish

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