A simulation of basic audiological tests including pure-tone audiometry, SRT, and immittance. There are 50 cases to test. It has step-by-step instructions for screening, thresholds, masking, immittance, and SRT. You can find unmasked and masked thresholds in Auto-Test Mode; Show graphical representation of the Hughson-Westlake threshold technique; Show graphical presentation of the masking curve; Explore crossover in detail with the schematic of the head; Record results for automatic grading by The Audiology Clinic Generator; Play animations of the immittance probe and the reflex arcs; Demonstrate the calculation of impedance using phase diagrams; Instructor can set Interaural Attenuation (40-95 dB); Updated sound generation-greater compatibility with sound cards; Variable displays-depending on screen resolution; Display audiogram, speech, and immittance results for every case before testing; Use multimedia capability to measure the SRT acoustically; Incorporate an infinite number of custom-generated cases; and much more.
Requires: Windows 7, 8, 10
Category: Audiology
Rating: 4.6
Price: $39.95 US or approximately $53.00 Australian
Windows Only – Will not work on MACs