Susan Howell Brubaker has been creating her most popular workbooks for 20 years. She now joins Parrot Software with a unique new workbook concept: Brubaker on Disk. This program provides an unlimited source of language and cognitive exercises that allows you to create for your patient or client a workbook that specifically targets their unique deficits. You can generate workbook after workbook with no two looking alike. You can print one exercise or 1000 exercises, it’s your choice. Here’s how it works. You indicate the type of deficits demonstrated by your patient or client by clicking on an extensive list of language and cognitive concepts. You also indicate difficulty level, response type, print size, and type face. The program uses your choices to select the most appropriate exercises from a huge database of exercises. You then review the exercises selected on screen, and print exactly what you want to include in each personalized workbook. With over 1500 new exercises on disk, the combinations are all-encompassing, comprehensive, and allow individuals to progress through the same exercise with several levels of difficulty or different exercises of the same concept. This easy-to-use program is comprised of new exercises never published before in workbook format. You customize the exercises as to difficulty, target area, response type, cognitive and language concepts, type style, type size, and spacing on the page. You can save workbooks and print all or part at any time.Level: Mid-High

Requires: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Category: Brubaker Workbooks

Rating: 4.6