Single Users and Treatment Providers

Our online programs are available to both treatment providers and individuals working at home.

Pricing for Individuals

The cost is $24.95 per month for unlimited access with no long-term commitments. If you pay for a full year, the cost is $200.00. To cancel either email parrot software support or call our toll-free number and your account will immediately be ended.

Pricing for Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers and Private Practices

The cost depends on the number of patients who will be using the programs. We provide access to 93 programs for as many patients as you wish. All lessons are personalized to the patient’s name or ID and progress is retrievable by name or ID. When patients are dismissed, they can be removed to make room for new patients. The costs are as follows:

5-patient account

5-patient account: $39.95/month ($479.40) or $350.00 paid annually

10-patient account

10-patient account: $49.95/month ($599.40) or $400.00 paid annually

30 patient account

30-patient account: $59.95/month ($719.40) or $500.00 paid annually

50-patient account

50-patient account: $69.95/month ($839.40) or $600.00 paid annually

unlimited patient account

Unlimited patient account: $1500/year