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Scientific Research

Our theory of treatment is that we provide an on-line experience for people afflicted with aphasia that is similar to what professionals do when treating people with aphasia. Our software was designed by Speech-Language Pathologists and mirrors what they normally do when treating people with aphasia and brain injury. In science this is termed ‘Content Validity’.

The results are in. Four independent universities using Parrot Software’s Internet Subscription have found significant improvement when patients used this service. For specific results, see these studies:

Journal of Medical Speech-Language Pathology

Conclusions: Intensive use of certain commercially-available Parrot software programs may improve overall word finding abilities during confrontational naming tasks as well as oral discourse in persons with aphasia. This type of treatment may be a cost effective supplement to traditional speech-language therapy for anomia.

Computer-Based Cognitive Retraining for Adults with

This study evaluated the effectiveness of a computer-based cognitive retraining (CBCR) program
by Parrot Software on improving memory and attention deficits in individuals with a chronic
acquired brain injury (ABI).

Quantitative and comparative analysis of cognitive efficiency

different stages of a cognitive training process + auditory neurofeedback of a 42-year old adult male in his

Effectiveness of the Bridge/Adapt Program on Functional Skill Generalization After Acquired Brain Injury

Three participants, identified as having significant cognitive impairments as measured by the Cognistat assessment, participated in the Bridge/Adapt program, an eight-week program that includes both…