We were introduced to Parrot Software by our son's Speech Language Pathologist while he was at Shepherd Center undergoing rehabilitation after sustaining a moderate to severe TBI. His major speech problem was anomic aphasia. We found Parrot Software to be quite helpful. In November of 2008 we returned home and continued rehabilitation at the local hospital. We introduced Parrot Software to his new SLP. The new SLP was impressed and immediately incorporated the software into her therapy plans. For the most part our son has recovered all of his speech abilities. We tried to take advantage of neuroplasticity early in his recovery by helping and encouraging our son to spend three to four hours a day performing the exercises in Parrot Software and Lumosity. He also spends an hour a day exercising physically. Our son's recovery has been exciting and gratifying. But, there is one area we have not been able to achieve substantial progress.

John George,