Word Recall

Advanced Word Recall

A question is displayed on the screen like ‘What word is the opposite of big?’, and the user is asked to either type the response or using the Chrome browser speak the response.

Auditory and Visual Picture Recognition

A random selection of six pictures is displayed on the screen and the user is asked to identify one of the pictures.

Picture Identification

A picture is displayed along with three possible names. The user must click the correct name.

Record Words

This program allows you to record the name of a picture displayed on the screen and then listen to what you said and compare your response to a recording of the correct response.

Sentence Completion

An open phrase is displayed at the top of the screen and the user must select the word that finishes the phrase from three choices listed, e.g. ‘I sleep in a ____.’

Visual Confrontation Naming

This program was designed for individuals who have difficulty recalling the names of objects. Users are asked to type the name of each picture displayed. When users cannot recall a name, meaningful prompts are offered. The prompts include first sound, a description, the word used in a sentence, and a multiple- choice list containing the word.

Word Finding Yes No

The user will see a picture of an object like violin and will be asked a question like “Do you see guitar?” The user must then click either the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ button to record an answer.

Word Recall-Words Alike and Different

The user will see a picture of an object like Pairs of words are presented, and users are asked to determine how they are alike and how they are different, e.g. “How are ketchup and mustard alike?”, “How are ketchup and mustard different?”

Word Stimulation

This program is designed to provide practice naming pictures. A picture is displayed, and the user is asked to say the name. Users can cue themselves with the first letter of the word, the first sound of the word, the spelling of the word, a sentence cue for the word, hearing the word spoken, seeing the word spoken with sound, and seeing the word spoken without sound.